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best dental

best price

With the best care, options, and warranty available.

We serve Bangkok Thailand’s best dental care at prices usually about 1/3rd Australia, USA, Canada etc. Entering our 16th year in Thailand we are the longest serving Australian medical tourism operator.

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Longest Serving

Thailand’s oldest dental center est. 1945

1st in Invisalign

Thailand’s pioneer in Invisalign since 2002

State-of-the-art Tech

3D Dental CT Scan, Digital X-Rays & Imaging System, Intra-oral Cameras, and LCD monitors in all treatment rooms.

In-house Laboratory

In-house dental laboratory allows us to control the quality of your cosmetic dental prosthetic and deliver your dental work within a limited period of time.

1st Dental Implant

Thailand’s 1st dental implant center est. 1973

Thailand’s 1st 3-D Scan

Thailand’s 1st employing 3D Dental CT Scan

Internationally Trained

30 in-house English-speaking dentists highly trained in North America, UK, Europe and Australia.

50% International

50% of our patients are international. Our doctors and staff are very comfortable with western patients.


Dental Implants

5 Years Warranty

Crowns, Bridges, Porcelain Veneers

2 Years Warranty

State of the art Dental Facilities and Team

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