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Breast reduction, also called reduction mammaplasty, is a plastic surgery that is performed to decrease the size of the breasts. Many women suffer physical symptoms or psychological insecurities as a result of having very large breasts. Heavy breasts can cause back pain, poor posture, and associated medical problems. Conspicuous, disproportionately sized breasts can initiate unwanted attention, from childhood teasing to sexual harassment as an adult. Breast reduction surgery can be performed to remove excess breast tissue and reposition the nipple, if necessary. Breast reduction should result in smaller, shapelier breasts.

When performed correctly breast reduction can provide great relief and freedom for those suffering with long lasting pain. Despite this you should still carefully consider what your long term goals are and whether breast reduction is the most appropriate procedure to undertake.

Time required

Time in Hospital: 2 Nights
Min time in Thailand: 14 Nights
Procedure name: Reduction Mammoplasty
Common name: Breast Reduction, Breast Reduction Surgery

Is Breast Reduction Surgery The Right Choice For Me?

Somewhat similar to a breast lift, breast reduction surgery involves making anchor-shaped incisions in the breasts. A circular incision is made around each nipple, at which point, large areolas can be decreased, if desired. An incision is made vertically, from the bottom of the areola to the fold in the underneath the breast. A semicircular incision is made in the fold around the underside of the breast. The plastic surgeon then removes a predetermined amount of fat and glandular tissue. The excess skin is trimmed away and the nipple is repositioned. Sutures are used to stitch the incisions closed, and gauze dressings will be applied to aid in the healing process. A surgical bra will need to be worn for several weeks, in order to hold the breasts in place and allow them to heal properly.

Possible Complications

As with all surgical procedures, there is the risk of complications with breast reduction. There is a possibility that patients may lose sensation in the nipples and areolas following breast reduction surgery, especially in cases involving dramatic reduction and repositioning. There is also the risk of surgical complications such as bleeding, infection, or excessive scarring. The results of breast reduction surgery may not always meet expectations, so it is best to be realistic before undergoing such a surgical procedure.

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