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William Rhonda

I was met at the airport by Janese Ritchie, who then took me to Samitivej Hospital. I had an appointment with Doctor Oumyos, I was most impressed with his professionalism. It was refreshing to meet a caring Doctor who has an excellent rapport with his clients. I was getting my forehead and eyes done and so asked him should I get a full face lift as well. I can tell you I was quite surprised when he said no to my face lift, he said “Come back in five to ten years.” I was very pleased, that he was not doing plastic surgery for money, but what was best for the client.

“I returned to Australia on 23rd January. People have commented on how good I look. I state, I feel good as well!”

William Rhonda

I was operated on that same day, Janese was there before I went in and post surgery. It was lovely to see a familiar face on returning to the ward. Janese would come to visit two to three times a day, it was great to be able to have a conversation and she was excellent advocate for me if anything needed done.

The Hotel Bodyline had organised for me was the ideal place to recover from surgery, Janese and her staff provided a warm and inviting environment. The rest of the holiday was exciting and busy to relaxing by to pool or having massages. I can say money well spent, I would recommend it, no problem.

Follow up care post discharge with Doctor Oumyos was better than some Specialists, I have seen in Brisbane. He did not forget to write a letter to my G.P about the surgery and outcome.

I returned to Australia on 23rd January. People have commented on how good I look. I state “I feel good as well.”

Thank you again for coming through for me when I was let me down by another company.

William Rhonda