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Tracy Buckler

I was referred to Bodyline Retreat by a prior client who had very successful results & decided to use them as well for organizing my cosmetic surgery.

The team at Bodyline were amazing from the word ‘go’.

They organized my surgery with a competent cosmetic surgeon as well as accommodation & a list of ‘things to do’ while in Bangkok.

“The team at Bodyline were amazing from the word ‘go’.”

Tracy Buckler

Bodyline Staff met me at the hotel on the day of my arrival as well as on the day of my consultation with the surgeon. It was very stress relieving to have someone who knows what’s going on to steer you in the right direction once you’re there. Judith saw me before my operation & greeted me when I came back into my room. Judith visited everyday & it was a delight to see a bright, bubbly face while recovering from the operation. It felt like a friend was coming to visit.

The surgeon also visited daily to check on my progress.

If I had any questions or needed something, Judith was always willing to go the extra mile – whether it was in regards to the procedure or organizing the pressure suits; she was there to lend a helping hand & was very much appreciated.

6 months down the track, I decided to go back & have a check up as well as another operation. Judith was there to meet me & it was great to see her again. Judith is very dedicated to her clients – she even kept me company while I was trying to get to sleep.

I am very happy with the results & keen to continue working on the canvas I have been given.

Judith & the Bodyline team were very helpful & supportive while going through the process of cosmetic surgery (& continue to be). I have no hesitation in recommending Bodyline Patient Care to family & friends as I know that they will be as happy as I am with their commitment & results.