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Uncompromising Patient Care Services

For more than 16 years uncompromising patient care is what Bodyline Patient Care is all about. You, as the Patient come first in all we do.

Most of all we want your experience to be one not of fear and pain but rather of adventure and growth and the excitement that comes in beginning a new chapter of beauty for your life.

A breakdown of what’s included

Customers often ask us what exactly is included in our patient care services. See the breakdown below for the details.

Something that Bodyline Patient Care offers that others cannot is our own in house Dr. Upon making your booking all patients are recommended to have a free initial consult with an Australian doctor to go over your desires and body type. Doing this in Aus prevents patients from having the all too often awful experience of traveling all the way to Bangkok to find out that the surgery is going to cost more than initially thought (and you may have budgeted for) or that you are not a suitable candidate for this type of surgery at all. A live consultation is much more effective than simply taking photos and getting a surgeon’s opinion from these.

A member or our staff will be at the airport to greet you upon your arrival and escort you to your hotel for check-in.

Once you are checked in to your hotel we do a brief run down of your next days schedule, provide you with a carry bag that includes relevant maps, brochures and Bodyline contact information for within Thailand. This contact information also includes all emergency numbers should you need to contact Bodyline Patient Care in a hurry.

The next morning (your 1st) we will meet you after breakfast and take you to your surgical consult at the Hospital.

After your surgical consult we will sit with you while you are awaiting surgery and go over the surgery schedule, our care services schedule and provide general comfort to help ease your nerves.

While you are in Surgery we will organise all necessary medications that you will require post surgery and will be there for your return from Recovery.

Our staff will Stay with you until you feel settled and secure.

Bodyline Patient Care staff are on call (we live walking distance from the Hospital) 24/7 to handle medical emergencies.

Bodyline Patient Care staff are happy to liaise with the hospital on your behalf should you be experiencing any pain, discomfort or unexpected sickness.

On discharge from the hospital we will make sure you have all the correct pain medications and understand the dosage requirements. We will escort you back to your hotel and stay with you until you are feeling settled. It is quite normal during this time to experience queasiness due to the medications so we often stay close by during this time to help in any way we can.

The recovery period is different for every patient but it is not unusual for patients to experience nausea and light headedness from the pain medications. Bodyline make sure to be in frequent contact (at the patient’s discretion) during this period to provide any support we can.

Once your recovery has well and truly set in and you are ready to get out and about Bodyline will provide you with shopping tours, massages, hair appointments, restaurant guide and any other tours or entertainment you may wish to experience. A Bodyline staff member can accompany you (your discretion) on shopping tours should you not be in the position to carry your bags.

We will stay in direct daily contact with you to ensure you are not overdoing it and that all medicines and Drs instructions are being followed correctly. While we love our patients to have fun it is vital that patients use great care during the recovery period as this will greatly affect the final outcome of whatever procedure you have undertaken.

On your final night we like to take all our patients out for a celebratory dinner to say thank you for allowing us to share this journey with you.

We will meet you at the hotel to help you organise check-out (at patients discretion) and organise transport to take you to the airport.

A few days after you arrive home we will give you a call to make sure everything is going fine. At the 6 week mark of being home all patients are able to schedule a follow up consultation with our in-house Australian doctor to ensure everything is healing correctly.