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Male Nose Surgery / Rhinoplasty

Male rhinoplasty is a surgery for men that has become very popular in light of the fact that it can alter the shape and contour of the nose, a source of embarrassment and self-consciousness for many men. Before you make a decision to undergo the procedure, educate yourself about who is a good candidate rhinoplasty, the procedure itself, and the possible risks and benefits involved.

The Augmentation Rhinoplasty to raise the height of your nose is the most popular aesthetic surgery of the nose. Other alterations of nose surgery consist of reduction of the size or width, narrowing the nostrils, changing the angle between the nose and the upper lip or reshaping the tip.

Surgical/Procedure name: Rhinoplasty
Common name: Male Nose Job, Nose Augmentation, Nose Surgery for Men

Price (THB)

Starting from 150,000 THB upwards depending on the chosen Surgeon and Hospital.

Discounted 2nd Procedures

Face Lift, Eyelid Surgery, Forehead Lift

Time Required

Time in Hospital: 1 to 2 Nights
Min time in Thailand: 14 nights

Insurance Available

Yes – Dr Chartchai

Is Surgery The Right Choice For Me?

Male rhinoplasty surgery candidates should be at least 16 years old, which is about the age when the nose stops growing. It is imperative that candidates be looking to improve the shape of their nose, not to achieve a perfect contour. Having realistic expectations is an important requirement for good male rhinoplasty candidates.

A good candidate may feel that his nose is either too large or too small in comparison to the rest of his face. He may also be unhappy with the appearance of the nasal tip if it droops, is bulbous, or protrudes too far out. While the majority of male candidates are simply dissatisfied with the physical appearance of their noses, many others seek rhinoplasty in order to breathe easier or to fix deformities.

The male Rhinoplasty Procedure

Rhinoplasty for men is a surgery designed to change the shape and contour of the nose for both aesthetic and health-related improvements. While male rhinoplasty surgery is primarily thought of as an aesthetic procedure, it can greatly help patients who have trouble breathing due to bone and cartilage defects and deformities.

By changing the contour and shape of different parts of the nose – the tip, the nostrils, or the bridge – as well as by adjusting the overall size, symmetry, and orientation of the nose, male rhinoplasty provides patients with very satisfying results. Oftentimes, surgeons will recommend combining rhinoplasty for men with other cosmetic procedures such as a face lift or chin implants in order to bring about a much more dramatic and well-balanced facial change.

Rhinoplasty for men requires the skin of the nose to be lifted away from the underlying bone and cartilage so that the surgeon can sculpt the nose into the desired shape. After the cartilage and bone have been shaped as the surgeon sees fit, the skin is draped back over the repaired nose and allowed to heal. A splint is applied to assist in keeping the new shape of the nose, and nasal packing may be inserted to hold the tissue that separates the nostrils stationary. The splint is typically removed after two weeks and the packing removed after a few days.


Pain should be minimal. Any discomfort can be controlled by mild analgesics. Swelling will be present for several weeks, gradually subsiding. Cold compresses may help reduce swelling around the eyes. The nose should be healed within a few weeks, the length of time depending on an individuals healing ability. Use sunscreen as the nose will be sensitive in the sun. You can return to light work quickly within a couple of days, or as your appearance allows. Numbness of the nose is possible at first depending on the extent of the surgery carried out.

Nose reduction may require a nose splint or nostril packing to support the shape until it heals. Any stitches are self dissolving. A small amount of blood loss is possible and gauze packing may need to be changed.

Where the incision is made externally between the nostrils stitches will have to be removed after 3 to 5 days.

benefits and possible complications

Like any other surgical procedure, male rhinoplasty carries both risks and benefits. General surgical risks include infection, complications with anesthesia, excessive bleeding, and hematoma (swelling caused by blood collecting under the skin). Risks linked particularly to male rhinoplasty surgery include swelling, numbness, frequent nosebleeds, unsightly scarring, ruptured blood vessels, and nerve damage.

It is important to discuss in-depth with Dr Chartchai the measures that will be taken to avoid potential complications. He will take the time to carefully explain these risks to you and will frankly address any of your concerns and answer your questions. He will also make sure that you have realistic expectations about the outcome of the male nose surgery.

Rhinoplasty for men carries many benefits. Results of a properly executed surgery with ideal healing conditions are often extremely satisfactory. Rhinoplasty patients typically do not experience any major difficulties or complications and are left with a permanent cosmetic alteration to their nose. Scarring is usually inconspicuous and kept to a minimum. Men who have undergone rhinoplasty are, for the most part, very happy with their decision to have done so, as the aesthetic alterations can improve breathing, heighten self-esteem, and bring more balance to facial features.

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