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Male Face Lift Surgery

Face lift procedures designed for men can be an effective way to minimize unwanted effects produced by age, stress, and exposure to the sun. Although the results achieved with male face lift surgery are similar to those enjoyed by women, there are differences in approach that potential patients should be aware of.

An important point to consider particularly for men is where the incisions will be made as men unlike women generally cannot hide scars with their hair. Our surgeon, Dr Chartchai is highly aware of this and will discuss the best options for you during your consultation.

Surgical/Procedure name: Rhytidectomy
Common name: Face Lift for Men, Mid Facelift, Face Lift Surgery, Full Face Lift

Price (THB)

Starting from 140,000 THB upwards depending on the chosen Surgeon and Hospital.

Discounted 2nd Procedures

Neck Lift, Forehead Lift

Time Required

Time in Hospital: 2 to 3 Nights
Min time in Thailand: 14 nights

Insurance Available

Yes – Dr Chartchai, Dr Oumyos

Is Surgery The Right Choice For Me?

Generally, men who are healthy but would like to enhance their appearance make good candidates for a male face lift. The procedure is specifically designed to minimize the effects of time commonly faced by men. These include sagging in the cheeks and around the neck and jawline, which contributes to a heavy, congested look most men find undesirable. However, it is important to have a realistic notion of what to expect from a face lift. Men wishing to control such problems should therefore speak to Dr Chartchai about their goals before undergoing the procedure.

The male face lift approach

The goals of a male face lift are generally the same as those of a conventional face lift for women. In both, a younger and more energetic appearance is sought by the patient. The overall strategy for achieving these results is also similar, involving the removal of facial fat and excess skin, along with the careful remodeling of distorted muscles and tissue below the facial surface. However, a face lift for men does involve the use of certain techniques to optimize the aesthetic outcome for male patients.

Perhaps the key difference concerns the incisions made during surgery. Because men tend to wear their hair shorter than women, hiding potential scars after a male face lift can be more difficult. This often allows for less flexibility in terms of where incisions can be made. However, they are always placed as inconspicuously as possible, often along the natural crease where the ear meets the side of the face, around the earlobe, and into the lower scalp area under the hair.


Face Lifts for men have about the same recovery time and side effects as women. To minimize swelling, you will be given cold packs for the first day while you keep your head elevated. Drains may be used to take away excess fluids and to promote healing.

Swelling will subside in 2-3 weeks to nearly normal and in 3-6 months it should be gone. Total healing takes about a year. You will need about 2 weeks away from work for this procedure. About 3 weeks after surgery, you may resume normal activities. Avoid sun exposure for several months post surgery.

benefits and possible complications

The results of a successful face lift can make men feel younger and more handsome than they have in years. Naturally, looking and feeling better often leads to increased confidence and a positive change in attitude others will notice. However, like all surgery, male face lift procedures do involve an element of risk. Although rare, risks include visible scarring, nerve damage, and limited facial paralysis. Because men possess more blood cells in their face than women, there is also a greater possibility that they will experience blood clotting after surgery.

It is important to also remember that smoking and high volume drinking can greatly effect the healing process and so these activities should be withheld if at all possible.

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