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The Ins and Outs Of Having A Hair Transplant

Everything you need to know to get a basic understanding of having a Hair Transplant

PRP Treatments for Hair Loss

Platelet Rich Plasma treatments (PRP) or also called Platelet Enriched Plasma treatments (PEP) is the process of having blood drawn, put in a centrifuge (spinner) which separates the platelets out from the blood. These platelets are then injected into the scalp to thicken the existing hair, suppress further hair loss and increase new hair growth through increased circulation in the scalp.

Some hair transplant clinics in Thailand are beginning to offer PRP treatments with hair transplants or as additional services next to hair transplants.


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What are platelets?

Platelets are components of our blood. Our blood has 3 components to it. It has red cells, white cells and platelets.

Platelets release growth factors which go to the injured hair follicle or the recently implanted hair follicle and stimulate growth/repair by hormonal signalling, meaning that these growth factors injected into the scalp via platelets cause other nutrients such as stem cells to be attracted to the newly implanted hair follicles and stimulate growth.

How much blood needs to be drawn for a PRP treatment in Thailand?

From 60ml or 60 cc of blood drawn there is usually about 10 cc of platelet rich plasma which is enough to cover the entire scalp. The circulation in the scalp is extremely good so PRP injected in one area will travel to other areas of the scalp.

What should I consider when choosing a clinic for a PRP treatment for Hair loss in thailand?

When choosing a clinic or hospital for your PRP treatment in Thailand you should be careful not to go with clinics or hospitals that lack JCI accreditation as you could be exposing yourself to unknown and unnecessary risks. This is extremely important when dealing with blood (or in this case platelets derived from blood) injections.

A final thought when choosing to have PRP injections for hair loss is how the clinic in Thailand you visit manges the pain factor. Without appropriate anesthetic PRP injected into the skull can be very painful and oftentimes patients cannot complete the treatment.  A reputable Thailand Hair Transplant Clinic will be able to numb the scalp prior to treatment and therefore make it much easier to endure.


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