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Dr Zac

Hair Restoration

“I love the feeling of walking outside and not avoiding mirrors… Having hair has made me feel more confident…”

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Significant hair re-growth rate.

Hair loss doesn’t have to be permanent

By age 35, 2 out of every 3 men will have some degree of hair loss. 25% will have significant hair loss. 

Our Hair Regrowth Doctors have a clinically proven 93% significant hair regrowth rate (data compiled from over 10,000 patients) which increases to 96% when combined with other treatments.

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Case Studies

Hair Transplant or Hair Graft Surgery gives our patients a life time of new hair growth and the happiness that comes with it.
Before & After
Steven BeforeSteven After
Steven Vella 4150 Grafts

I had been contemplating Hair Transplant as started receding. I visited an Aus clinic and they said I would likely be unsuccessful. Heard about Bodyline from a friend and after consultation went with them. I am very pleased with everything both pre and post surgery.

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Dean Ryan 3000 Grafts

I never considered I’d need a hair transplant as I had thick hair when I was young. However my son commented I was getting a bit thin on top and within a month I was having a hair transplant. What a difference! I’m stoked with the results.

Patrick Ryan 3000 Grafts

I commented to my Dad that his hair was thinning. Dad came back and said ‘you can talk – your receding’. I didn’t want to lose my hair, I’m young so we both decided to get a hair transplant. I’m back on top (pardon the pun) and rapt with the results.