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Want to reclaim the hair of your Youth? We can help.

With a 93% hair regrowth rate the hair restoration specialists at Bodyline Patient Care offer a baseline of sustained hair regrowth not found elsewhere in Asia.

At a cost of less than $4 AUD per graft, coupled with our 93% hair regrowth rate (increases to 96% with PRP injections) you are guaranteed top value for money.

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Smile Again

Get the confidence of a smile you are proud of.

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A Focus
On Men

Australia’s first provider of plastic surgery in bangkok, hair restoration in bangkok and Dental procedures in bangkok specifically tailored for men. Bodyline handles everything from delicate procedures to correct embarrassing problems, to men wanting to improve their appearance for the workplace.

All male patients also have access to our support team of Doctors and Nurses when home in Australia. Bodyline’s Hair Restoration procedures coming with a 12 month money back guarantee should you see no significant regrowth. Plastic surgery in Bangkok comes with a fly back warranty option too.