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Lynne Charsley

I have had a dreadfully stressful 6 years and I could see my skin began to sag and wrinkle badly. My doctor said I was prematurely aging because of the constant stress.

I had wanted to have a face lift and tummy tuck for years but somehow the years ticked by so quickly I kept running out of time.

I am 71 and thought I had missed the boat to feel like myself again and to like what I saw in the mirror.

I decided just as 2019 was winding down, I wanted to start 2020 with a fresh outlook on life and to deal with the ravages that stress had caused, plus reinvent a brighter, and more confident me.

I happened to ask my beautician if she knew anyone that had had a face lift and was happy with the results.

She went on to give her client my phone number to contact.

As it turned out a lovely lady Janise rang me directly and told me about the services her business provides.

“I will always be grateful to Janise and her personal care of me throughout my journey, also to Dr Oumyos, who’s kindness and personal care was astounding…”

Lynne Charlsey

Bodyline’s business is to put together a package that is affordable for Australians to have their surgery overseas and have the best surgeons who provide the best results, plus assisted accompanied passage, to Thailand, and the 1st class medical services, and resort recovery stay in 5 star hotels.
I made the decision to go for the 12th of November and have all my surgery all over and finished by Christmas.

Janise put together an affordable package with hotel stay, surgery and constant nursing care even in the resort hotel.

We left Australia on the 12th November bound for Bangkok and when we arrived were picked up from the airport by a member of staff and taken to the beautiful hotel.

The next day I was accompanied to the hospital to have a full medical screening by highly trained medicos that left no stone unturned and tested me to make sure I was strong enough for the surgeries.

The Dr for my surgery was Dr Oumyos (I’ll talk more about him later) but even though I had only paid for Dr Oumyos I had a consult with both Dr Oumyos and his father Dr Chartchai.

I had along visit with both doctors to go thru the surgeries and what I wanted to achieve.

Both doctors examined me, thoroughly, and informed me of the risks and the positives expected with both tummy tuck and face lift procedures. My face lift was scheduled for the following day.

After the consult I was taken to the most remarkable place near the hotel for a complete massage that was out of this world, getting rid of any discomfort I may had caused from the flight.

The hospital was excellent with every modern convenience and a beautiful place to be.

The cleanliness of the rooms and the whole hospital was a pleasure to be in in. The nurses where all RNs, and the attention to detail and care was wonderful.

I was prepped for my face lift and Tummy Tuck and was made very comfortable and warm. As I was wheeled into the operating theatre Dr Chartchai grabbed my hand warmly and said “don’t worry everything will be alright my son is an excellent surgeon.” Oh and that was the other thing. Even though I had only paid the price of Dr Oumyos because of my age and the large surgeries I was having Dr Chartchai was in the operating room to assist his son Dr Oumyos so that it would shorten the time I was under anaesthesia. I can’t tell you how amazing that was. Just before I went out Dr Oumyos, came to speak to me to tell me my eyes where to be done under local anaesthetic because he needed to measure precisely exactly how much skin from my upper eyelid to take out, and he needed me to be awake for that part of the operation so I could sit up when he needed to gauge exactly how much skin to remove. I must say being awake for the eyes was uncomfortable but a necessary part of the procedure that I had to deal with, but eventually I was fully under when I had the face lift and tummy tuck done.

I woke in the recovery room and was attended by many nurses, all had a particular job to do with my recovery. I must say I didn’t have severe pain and apart from the cold packs on both cheeks and the normal discomfort in my midsection because of the tummy tuck other than that I was quite comfortable. Eventually I was taken to my ward and was barley alone for very long. I was monitored all the time, asked about my pain levels, and had my cold pack changed often. I took a look at myself in the mirror and frightened myself. However over the next few days I was astonished as to just how quickly my bruising and puffiness was going.

I had my surgery on the 14th November and it is now the 20th January 2020 and I am thrilled and excited about the results. I still have some way to go yet for my full recovery, but I do not regret it and I have been told by 2 doctors in my own area that the stitching behind my ears is so good we could miss seeing actually unless you took a good look. I had short funky hair cut and that aided my recovery or should I say easier to manage.

I will always be grateful to Janise and her personal care of me throughout my journey, also to Dr Oumyos, who’s kindness and personal care was astounding, not to mention his expertise, he is a fine surgeon, and to Marie my personal nurse from Bodyline who slept in my room when I wanted it both at the hospital and at the resort hotel, making sure I had all the help and support I needed, and made wonderful cups of tea, and to Adam who took on the job of personal carer, travelling from the hospital to the airport and returning me to Australia.

God Bless you all.

Lynne Charsley – Dicky Beach, Australia