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Kristy Benger

I would like to take the time to say a very big thankyou to all the staff at Bodyline especially Nong and Judith.

A 9 hour surgery was not something I was looking forward to… Breast reduction and Lift… Tummy Tuck and then Liposuction to various areas of my body… was a must for me to finally feel good about myself….. I was tired of feeling less…. I had made up my mind that at 36, all these various surgeries would finally help me to look in a mirror and feel MORE….. Thank you Dr Chartchai and Bodyline
To Dr Chartchai who is someone I will treasure forever… Thankyou for your gifted hands… your gentle, caring spirit and genuine concern for my aftercare… You made my new self image possible… I finally love my BODY!

“I have been home 2 months now…. have tirelessly sung your praises to anyone that would listen….Words are inadequate when I say, Thank you.”

Kristy Benger

Bodyline girls…Judith and Nong who without you, I would not have done any of these surgeries… You took all the FEAR away and gave me memories that I will never forget… Now I can look in a mirror with pride.

I have been home 2 months now… have tirelessly sung your praises to anyone that would listen…Words are inadequate when I say… Thank you.

Only words I have to say …………..”I will be back”!!!!

Kristy Benger, Australia