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$900 Veneers


limited time only

The perfect Smile can be yours for just $350 per Veneer at our clinic in Bangkok, Thailand.

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4 Reasons We Are The Best

Unbeatable Price: Almost 1/3rd the price

No Hidden costs, fees, taxes. $350 per Veneer is the total. Completed in only 2 days.

International Flights and Hotel not included.

Quality Back Guarantee

The quality of all dental work including the $350 Veneers is guaranteed. The Veneers are made from the latest technology Nano-Hybrid materials manufactured by 3M. Follow this link to see the video from the manufacturer.

Finance is Available

No deposit finance for 10 Veneers (or any other treatment) starts from just $20 a week.

Visit our page here to learn more details about our Finance offer.

Simple to Repair

The new Nano-Hybrid Restoratives are as strong as healthy natural teeth. However in the event something happens and you chip a Veneer they can be repaired simply and cheaply by any good local dentist. Unlike regular Veneers only the chip needs to be repaired making the repair quick and economical.