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Clint Priest

There is very little more to say other than the product (as such) and services you provided were first class. The prompt reply of emails, direct telephone communication and regular updates made the choice to travel overseas more comfortable. The decision to use your services over the competitions was an easy choice.

My only suggestion for improvement is one that could only be handled by your web designer. and that is when searching google for medical tours Thailand, Your web page was several pages into the results. (thankfully I found it!)

“I could not have wanted or expected a higher standard of pre or post operative care and continued companionship as given by Bodyline. Simply outstanding.”

Clint Priest

From the moment we were picked up from the airport any fears or second thoughts of travelling to Thailand for surgery were relieved. The reception and journey to the hospital with Janese was memorable and comforting! Janese attended all appointments and hospital visits, was there when I woke up after the anaesthetic, attended the hospital to say hello each of the two days I was an inpatient. There was a complication after I returned to the retreat and Janese phoned the Dr direct and organised an appointment.

Then there was the social activities. Janese was happy to drop us anywhere we wanted to go and infact played tour guide for much of the last couple of days. We ate out on a number of occasions together.

I could not have wanted or expected a higher standard of pre or post operative care and continued companionship as given by everyone at Bodyline. Simply outstanding.

The Hospital and the doctor

To someone not familiar with Thailand driving from the airport to the hospital raises your eyebrows to say the least. As you know the site of tin shacks run down equipment and old buildings (if u can call them that) sends a million thoughts running through your head, but the conversations with Janese and Rhonda are an excellent distraction from the view. Then you arrive at the hospital, a golf buggy takes you from the car park to the entrance of the hospital and then I was in awe.

Marble laid flooring and a glamorous foyer. I was impressed!

I had my appointment with Dr Pathom. He has a good personal manner and I understood what he was saying, he gave me the opportunity to ask questions at the end. That man had the most gentle hands I have ever seen/ felt on any person ever. I was very happy after that appointment that he would perform the operation.

On the day of surgery I was scheduled for 1pm op but went to theatre at 11am. That process was good, unremarkable any further. I woke up at 6pm with this lady leaning over me telling me it was not a dream and yes I was alive. It was Janese, a familiar face, a familiar voice it was all one could have hoped for.

In the ward the nurses put up the painkillers and whatever else was required. My heart rate and blood pressure went right up through the night, every 30 minutes they came to check on me and take recordings. The anaesthetic made me vomit many times through the night and they attended each time after pressing the buzzer. They understood me quite well, and saying pain bought new drugs each time.

The nursing care was excellent. Overall, the entire hospital process was extremely positive.

In conclusion my overall experience has been fantastic! I have no hesitation in recommending your services. The results of my operation will take several months to show completely however I already have several family members eager to have their own procedures completed in Thailand. They will use your services and bodyline.

So thankyou for your contribution to a most memorable experience! If any of your clients would benefit from speaking directly with me before travelling they may call my mobile or send an email no problems.

Clint Priest – Gold Coast, Australia